Researchers believe that psychedelics may revolutionize mental health treatments, but FDA-approved psychedelics remain out of reach—with one exception. Unlike psilocybin or MDMA, ketamine is FDA-approved for anesthesia during medical procedures, opening the door to off-label use as a treatment for depression and other mental illnesses.

With the FDA’s approval of Spravato and a growing body of research supporting ketamine, patients are increasingly turning toward these clinics to solve their unmet medical needs.

Ketamine clinics charge between $450 and $500 per treatment, with each patient needing approximately six treatments. In aggregate, some analysts estimate that the market is already worth north of $16 billion per year, with rapid growth possible over the coming years. 

Let’s take a look at three ways that you can invest in ketamine clinics.

Revitalist Lifestyle

Revitalist Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (CSE: CALM) (OTC: RVLWF) (FSE:4DO) is one of the most exciting pure-plays in the ketamine clinic space. Since opening its first clinic in 2018, the company has built a network of eight clinics across four states, with two additional clinics to open by the end of the year in Bethesda, MD and a second Knoxville, TN location. In addition, January 1, 2022 will see two newly acquired clinics in Richmond, VA. and Jacksonville, FL, with more than 60,650 sq. ft. of space and clinical capacity for more than 120 treatment rooms. All of Revitalist’s treatments are provided by certified registered nurse anesthetists with ketamine experience and mental health or psychiatric practitioners licensed to administer the drug.

Last quarter, the company reported $1.55 million in revenue and $1.17 million in gross income for the ten months leading up to October 31, 2021. Management believes that its existing 120 treatment rooms could generate upwards of $60 million in annual revenue, while it plans to open 50 clinics in 2022 before reaching 150 clinics by 2025.

The company also plans to launch a telemedicine platform over the coming months. These efforts could significantly expand its addressable market across geographies. And with its 60% acquisition of Revitaland Meta Tech Inc., the platform could expand to include virtual clinics in the metaverse—a rapidly growing innovation spearheaded by Facebook.

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Field Trip Health

Field Trip Health Ltd. (NASDAQ: FTRP) is the largest ketamine clinic operator with a $150 million market capitalization. In addition to psychedelic drug development, the company operates six clinics and plans to expand to 75 locations by 2024. These clinics provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy with the help of ketamine.

The company also provides a digital platform to support patients through their therapeutic journey. The platform offers mood monitoring, mindfulness tools, information, and guided meditations, along with video calls and asynchronous text communication. The goal is to help collect data and improve patient outcomes.


Novamind Inc. (CSE: NM) (OTC: NVMDF) operates a network of six ketamine clinics and clinical research sites in Utah. In 2022, the company plans to add new clinics in Utah and expand into Arizona for a total of ten clinics. These will include a center for immersive psychedelic experiences in Park City, Utah, a world-class travel and wellness destination.

In addition to ketamine therapies, the company operates a full-service psychedelic contract research organization (CRO) with three clinical research sites and a DEA Schedule 1 license for psilocybin research. These facilities could help it play a role in the study and eventual approval of psilocybin, MDMA, and other psychedelic therapies.

Looking Ahead

Ketamine clinics are quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar business driven by rapidly growing demand. Investors interested in the space have several options, including pure-plays like Revitalist Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (CSE: CALM) (OTC: RVLWF). 

For more information, visit the company’s website or download their investor presentation.

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