Canna Resource Corporation (CREC) and WeCannCa Inc. (WeCann) Merge Operations

SANTA ANA, CA ( Wednesday Aug 31, 2022 @ 1:00 PM Pacific — None

Canna Resource
Corporation (CREC)
and WeCannCa Inc. (WeCann) have merged operations to enhance their existing robust
cannabis business, licensing, and real estate transactions platform. The
two proven industry leaders are strategically positioned to further increase
client success rate in buying, selling, and identifying opportunities for
emerging markets, and winning licenses nationwide as the industry expands.

The two organizations
are comprised of experienced professionals from various fields who have a
passion for expanding the cannabis industry to its maximum potential. Merging
operations allows for more streamlined efforts across both organizations and
adds the WeCann professionals to the CREC Holdings parent company.

WeCann comes with a high level of expertise in commercial real
estate, cannabis business licensing, cannabusiness operations, and California
state and local politics. They bring 36 years of real estate experience and a
strong 7-year history of successfully winning cannabis licenses for clients.
During their solid history, WeCann brokered 91 transactions valued at over
$164,000,000, and applied for over 140 licenses, with an 86% success rate.

The CREC Network of Real
Estate agents and CREC Directory of trusted ancillary service providers has
more than eighty active members. The organization was formed to fulfill the
myriad services required for cannabis business professionals who plan to buy
and/or sell cannabis opportunities. CREC maintains one of the top national
cannabis real estate websites and compiles all nationwide viable business and
real estate opportunities for cannabis operations, in their client-only
Cannabis Listing Services (CLS) database.

Meilad Rafiei, Broker of Record for WeCann, and newly appointed CEO of CREC
says, “Our brokerage and licensing team is built on the foundation of teamwork,
transparency, due diligence, and hard work; ensuring we put the best foot
forward for all of our client’s needs.”

Erich Rubio, Co-Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Canna
Resource Corporation (CREC), “It is very exciting to have WeCann now operating
as CREC’s in-house brokerage, licensing, and public advocacy team. Combine that
with the success of our platform and the expansion of data analytics and mapping
technology, we are now arguably the largest cannabis-specific brokerage and
entitlement teams in the US, with the intent to quickly help our clients acquire
more market share.”

“Both organizations have learned first-hand as operators and as
consultants with 100’s of successful applications and brokerage transactions,
that getting a license is so much more than your operational skills. Getting
into the cannabis industry successfully and attaining knowledge is challenging,
we are prepared to help both mom and pop and large-scale operations.” continued

Rafiei concurred. “Our
two organizations find a natural synergy in history, location, team, and
mission; forecasting a bright future developing effective models for supporting
the legal cannabis industry and bringing this experience to other emerging
markets nationwide.”

Starting a cannabis business is high risk and often entrepreneurs
run out of funding, knowledge, and support before they are given the chance at
operating their license. With the range of professionals assembled within the
CREC Network, a team of trusted professionals is available and ready to
improve a business’s chances of winning, acquiring, or selling licenses

About CREC

Canna Resource
Corporation (CREC) (Lake Forest, CA) is a real estate solutions provider
specializing in properties and licensing in regions across the United States
where cannabis has been legalized. More details about CREC can be found on
website or via email or call (866) 810-2022.

About WeCann

(Santa Ana, CA) offers a full suite of services including real estate
acquisition and disposition, licensing fulfillment, public advocacy, compliance
maintenance, and business/investment consulting. For more details visit their
website or call (657)888-2795.

Contact Information:


Erich Rubio

(866) 810-2022

Contact via Email

WeCannCa Inc.

Contact: Roger Tower (619)354-0985

Media Contact: Georgi Gordon (760)-803-4522

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Canna Resource Corporation (CREC) and WeCannCa Inc. (WeCann) Merge Operations