SACRAMENTO, Calif – April 16, 2020/AxisWire/ – Today a new trade organization, the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA), announced its formation with founding board members that operate at the highest levels within the industry. To educate policymakers and consumers, establish standards for operators and testers to uphold, and advocate for common-sense policies so we can ensure that the cannabis beverage industry delivers safe, high-quality, reliable products to the consumers who enjoy them.

“Having been a founding member of the California Cannabis Couriers Association (CCCA) and seeing the progress that can be made with a passionate group of industry stakeholders, I founded the Cannabis Beverage Association. The rules governing cannabis manufacturers were developed without much regard for beverages and some of those rules are onerous and deserve a second look to ensure the nascent cannabis beverage segment is allowed to grow to its potential.” Macai Polansky, co-founder of Spacestation, a cannabis beverage manufacturer, and founder of the CBA.

Some of the immediate goals that this organization will be addressing during this legislative session include advocating for more realistic packaging requirements, less restrictive requirements for child-resistant resealable closures for multi-dose products, loosen the restrictions on use of alcohol-related terminology (i.e. rose’, IPA, etc.), increase the tolerance for variance from the labeled amount in microdose products, and to simplify the process for obtaining finished product beverages to use as samples. These are some of the issues that are keeping infused beverages from reaching its potential and the CBA hopes to help alleviate these harsh and unnecessary restrictions through strategic and thoughtful lobbying efforts.


Founding Board Members Include:

Macai Polansky – Spacestation – Founder and President/Chairman

Austin Stevenson – Vertosa – Founding Member and Treasurer

Aaron Silverstein – BevZero – Founding Member and Secretary

Ben Larson – Vertosa – Founding Member

Amy Ludlum – California Dream’ – Founding Member

Peter Bishop – California Dream’ – Founding Member

Cynthia Salarizadeh – House of Saka – Founding Member / PR & Messaging

Tracey Mason – House of Saka – Founding Member / PR & Messaging

Sebastian Smuts – Cann – PR & Messaging

Ishan Kapoor – Cann


Brands Involved



House of Saka



California Dreamin’

KZen Beverages

Venice of America




Organization Mission Statement:

To advance the interests of cannabis beverage producers and their consumers through advocacy and education. It is our mission to help the burgeoning cannabis beverage sector reach its potential; a potential beyond a robust market cap, but that can offset society’s dangerous affliction with alcohol consumption with products that are enjoyable, session-able, and offer the healthful benefits offered by cannabis consumption.

About Cannabis Beverage Association:

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Sacramento, CA, the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) is a trade association established to represent and advocate on behalf of the producers and consumers of cannabis beverages. By educating policymakers and consumers, establishing standards for operators to uphold, and advocating for common-sense policies, we can ensure that the cannabis beverage industry delivers safe, high-quality, and reliable products to the consumers who enjoy them. For more information, please visit or find us on social media @CBAstandard.


Media Contact:

Cynthia Salarizadeh

Cannabis Beverage Association

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Cannabis Beverage Association Announces Official Formation & Founding Board Members