CannabizTeam Launches CannabizTEMP™ to Address The Rising Demand for Cannabis Talent in the Temporary and Consulting Space

CannabizTEMP to Revolutionize Cannabis Industry by Providing Access to High-Quality, On Demand Temporary Workers

San Diego, California – June 11, 2019 /AxisWire/ CannabizTeam, the leading cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm, announced today the official debut of CannabizTEMP, a company specializing in providing consulting and on-demand access to temporary workers to the cannabis industry. CannabizTEMP will initially focus in California, with plans to expand geographically across the United States.

“In California alone it is estimated that nearly 200,000 people work in the cannabis industry. Of those, less than 30% are temporary or seasonal employees. For companies across the supply chain, the need to access state approved, short-term employees has never been greater. Positions from cultivation, to manufacturing, dispensary retail and even at the C-Level require flexible staffing or consulting needs. On average it takes a company in the cannabis industry about six weeks to find, vet and onboard a new potential employee, even for a short-term engagement. The CannabizTEMP offering can shorten that time dramatically, saving employers massively on time and money,” said Liesl Bernard, CEO CannabizTeam and CannabizTEMP. “We estimate that the cost savings, per employee could approach $20k – $30k.  Many of our clients are public companies and this is truly a material figure.”

Bernard continued, “Similar to other disruptive periods in history, such as the Tech Boom, the unprecedented growth of the U.S. cannabis industry has resulted in severe workforce shortages. The challenge is two-fold: First, the speed at which these companies are growing makes it near-impossible to satisfy their staffing requirements; and two, most of these companies don’t have experience or infrastructure to hire effectively. As additional states legalize cannabis, more companies will need access to talent on demand in order to maintain a competitive advantage – this problem is not going away, it’s only going to grow.”

CannabizTEMP provides the following for Cannabis business owners:

  • From seed to sale, CannabizTEMP services all verticals in the cannabis industry providing temporary, temporary-to-hire and consulting solutions.
  • CannabizTEMP employees can be an immediate solution to support seasonal purposes, fill project-based jobs for limited periods of time, extended leaves, and backfilling positions as an interim solution while a full-time candidate is sourced.
  • CannabizTEMP specialized candidates have a wide range of experience levels and can support any business without the long-term costs and commitment associated with a full-time hire.
  • CannabizTEMP takes care of the hiring process on behalf of companies by vetting candidates with a phone screen and video interview, completed references and background checks.
  • CannabizTEMP manages payroll, compensation, burden costs associated with an employee, terminations, employee counseling and any additional liability on the company’s behalf.
  • CannabizTEMP has created a ranking system that provides a candidate’s assignment reviews upon completion, so companies are confident in hiring temp workers with industry experience, thus adding an incentive for employees to perform to the best of their ability.

“In 2018, the number of job openings in the cannabis industry grew in excess of the available talent pool. This challenge was exacerbated during high demand periods such as the holidays and harvest seasons, resulting in serious challenges for employers. CannabizTEMP empowers employers to seamlessly identify qualified, reliable on-demand employees. It also offers an organized, accessible way for employees looking to enter the industry and have control over their work schedule through temporary work opportunities. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, CannabizTEMP is dedicated to making the recruitment process seamless and efficient for all companies,” concluded Bernard. 

For more information about CannabizTEMP, please visit:

About CannabizTEMP:

CannabizTEMP is a cannabis-focused consulting and temporary staffing firm, committed to recruiting, identifying, and placing only the highest quality of industry talent.

By combining cutting-edge recruiting technology, best-in-class customer service, and decades of staffing experience, CannabizTEMP is able to deliver exceptional cannabis industry professionals on a temporary and consulting basis. We pride ourselves on delivering talent in a timely manner by implementing a targeted recruitment approach, matching the consultant’s skillset to our client’s specific qualifications and company culture


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CannabizTeam Launches CannabizTEMP™ to Address The Rising Demand for Cannabis Talent in the Temporary and Consulting Space