Dr. Robb Farms Announces Collaboration With Rove As Part of The “Featured Farms” Cartridge Line


California, March 11, 2019 /AxisWire/ Clean cannabis company Dr. Robb Farms is releasing its first oil cartridge under the Rove Featured Farms line. Featured Farms is Rove’s signature 100% cannabis terpene line featuring single-source oil comprising the freshest, purest strains derived from high-quality flower—the only ingredient. Dr. Robb Farms’ limited edition run features the White Widow cultivar marking the first time the brand’s highly sought after flower is available as a vaping experience.

Product development took 6 months because of the high standards of Dr. Robb Farm’s Founder and CEO Robert Flannery, Ph.D. “We knew we wanted to use a classic cultivar with a strong terpene profile to take full advantage of Rove’s proprietary extraction methodology,” explains Dr. Flannery. “We finally settled on this particular White Widow cultivar and the results have been phenomenal.”

Using Rove’s finely-tuned CO2 extraction processes, they are able to capture the pure, original terpenes from the flower cultivated by Dr. Robb Farms. Using mild heat and pressure, they then carefully extract the oil. In the final step, the original raw terpenes and pure golden oil are recombined in a cartridge specifically designed to highlight the flower’s true and complex nature for an unparalleled vaping experience.

“We believe that this collaboration with Dr. Robb Farms will be the first of many as we continue to develop a deeper relationship with their organization,” says Rove president Paul Jacobson. “Look for more collaborations to come in the future.”

About Dr. Robb Farms: Dr. Robb Farms is committed to providing quality, pesticide-free cannabis by applying sound scientific methods and good science to create clean medicine. Founded after Dr. Robert Flannery found that no existing products on the market met his high standards for his mom when she was seeking relief while going through cancer treatment, Dr. Robb Farms is dedicated to making products with care, for the people we care about. Today, the Dr. Robb Farms line offers Mom’s Formula, an accurate and safe daily tablet that can be taken orally, and Eagle, a collection of pre-rolls featuring California sun-grown whole flower. For more information on Dr. Robb Farms or Robert Flannery P.hD please contact lorna@fiorello.co or 917 887 0464

Dr. Robert Flannery: Subject Matter Expert on Cannabis and CBD

Available for interview, speaking opportunities and contributor articles.

The title “doctor” is used loosely in the world of commercial cannabis, but one doctor—with the degree to back it up—is using years of scientific research to transform the industry. The first PhD in the U.S. with certified technical training and expertise in growing commercial cannabis, Dr. Robert Flannery has been a pioneer in the field for nearly two decades, committed to clean production from the start.

Dr. Flannery holds a Ph.D. in Plant Biology from UC Davis with an emphasis in Environmental Horticulture and a specific expertise in hydroponic crop optimization for cut-flower production. While working on his doctorate, Dr. Flanner began serving as an adviser on modern horticulture practices to cannabis cultivators throughout Northern California. He is available for interviews to speak to his expertise in the following subjects:

  • bringing scientific methods to cannabis cultivation
  • yield and optimization of cannabis cultivation
  • terpene profiles / strains / genetics
  • ensuring accuracy and safety in cannabis products
  • using cannabis as medicine for pain relief and daily wellness
  • building a brand founded on providing quality, clean, pesticide-free medicine to the California market

In addition to ensuring high-quality product with his clean cannabis company, Dr. Robb Farms, Dr. Flannery remains active in the community, serving as a Chair of the Agriculture Committee for the California Cannabis Industry Association, a mentor at Gateway, a startup incubator focused on launching companies in the cannabis industry, and is an advisor to the Dean of Agricultural Sciences at UC Davis.

Recent speaking engagements include:

  • The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Conference closing keynote speaker
  • The California Cannabis Industry (CCIA) Conference panel moderator
  • Cannabis Science Conference speaker
  • Terpenes and Testing World Conference Panelist
  • Guest Lecturer at UC Davis
  • NCIA Seed to Sale key note
  • Dr Drew Podcast

Upcoming engagements include:



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Dr. Robb Farms Announces Collaboration With Rove As Part of The “Featured Farms” Cartridge Line