MARIA & JANE Trailblazes Inclusive Media for Women in Cannabis

Maria & Jane

Boston, July 17, 2018 /AxisWire/ You’ve likely heard of Mary Jane, but have you met Maria & Jane? In the rapidly changing landscape of legalized cannabis, it’s crucial to keep up with news about new regulations, research, and opportunities for innovation. However, with the mountain of media coverage, it can be hard to know where to start. Maria & Jane is a fresh conversation about what’s happening in cannabis, from the point of view of ground-breaking female entrepreneurs busting through the “grass ceiling.” Maria & Jane offers in-depth “what do I need to know” information and inspiration for anyone, whether they’re an industry insider or if they’re just starting out with a new cannabusiness.
Maria & Jane is a fantastic resource for the entrepreneurially minded woman who is too busy running her business to waste time hunting and pecking for the news. In order to follow an industry that shapeshifts daily, Maria & Jane curates breaking stories, deep insights, and digs deeper into best cannabusiness practices with an in-depth weekly newsletter and podcast interviews with business leaders and influencers. Various topics include:

  • Who is the New Cannabis Consumer?
  • New Rules & Regs, e.g. How to Avoid Common Food Safety Compliance Mistakes
  • 10 Steps to Trailblaze & Stay Focused in an Uncertain Industry
  • Communication Strategy to Differentiate New Products
  • How to Generate “Buzz” for Products and/or Your Business
  • Advocacy and Education for the Medical Community

In a casual “coffee shop” style, Maria & Jane engages leaders to speak candidly about the “do’s and don’ts” of business, like how to launch and sustain funding for a cannabis start-up. For lessons learned and mentorship opportunities, Maria & Jane makes it easier for its audience to work smarter, not harder by connecting women who are passionate about cannabis, or who are curious about how they can get more involved with its rapidly expanding business opportunities.
So, why Maria, and not Mary? Founder Jacqueline Carly feels it’s important to honor and elevate the voices of all women, regardless of age, race, or sexual preference. Carly notes, “Maria & Jane is a way for me to put my Latina spin on it, honor my heritage, and say ‘hey, I’m doing something here with all women, inclusive of everybody.” In a world with staggering inequity for people of color and the criminalization of marijuana laws, Maria & Jane’s intersectional frame is particularly relevant and necessary.
At its core, Maria & Jane is a fun and informative media company dedicated to inspiring and informing women in (or interested in) the rapidly growing cannabis business landscape. By subscribing or sponsoring episodes of the Maria & Jane weekly podcast, women can help other women grow. Maria & Jane offers a one-of-a-kind, inclusive platform that sparks creative conversations about what’s happening in cannabusiness and more importantly, what’s possible when women join forces. In cannabis and beyond, girls run the world, so why not listen into the latest with Maria & Jane?
For press and media inquiries, please contact Christina Silva at (email) or (339) 674-7537 (phone).
About Maria & Jane’s founder, Jacqueline Carly
Carly has been working with women in the health, nutrition and wellness space since 1999. From 2006-2013, she successfully ran Fitarella, a wildly popular health & wellness site and was the #1 vote getter for Oprah’s OWN online video competition with 9.4 million verified votes. Jacqueline has a strong background in holistic plant nutrition and science, which sparked her interest in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. She is also founder of GetPlanty, a plant-based lifestyle company. Maria & Jane is her latest brainchild, which creates a platform for diverse viewpoints and experiences for women in cannabis business. Follow M&J on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MariaAndJane.

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MARIA & JANE Trailblazes Inclusive Media for Women in Cannabis