tökr Launches Premium Cannabis Delivery Service in Los Angeles

Carefully curated and high-quality products conveniently delivered within 45 minutes

LOS ANGELES —  October 1, 2019 /AxisWire/ tökr, the cannabis e-commerce and recommendation platform that connects consumers to trusted cannabis brands by lifestyles and preferences, announced today that it has launched a premium cannabis delivery service in the Los Angeles market. The delivery service offers customers access to a wide variety of carefully curated cannabis products that are delivered directly to their door within 45 minutes.

The online platform carefully vets and curates high-quality cannabis brands and products into categories according to the consumer’s needs and preferences including for better sleep, creativity, pain relief, or sex and sensuality. Orders can be placed on trytokr.com every day from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

tökr’s top priority in managing cannabis delivery is ensuring a safe and compliant product selection. Beyond making sure all products are compliant and lab-tested per the California Code of Cannabis Regulations set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the company puts each brand through a rigorous vetting process to ensure safety as well as alignment of values on the future of the cannabis industry.

“As the industry continues to evolve, we are partnering with the highest quality brands that are striving to expand the appeal of cannabis,” said Matt Singer, CEO & Co-Founder, tökr. “Consumers across all lifestyles now have the ability to connect to cannabis through an approachable user experience curated just for them with the convenience of on demand delivery.”

To celebrate the announcement of the cannabis delivery service, tökr hosted Cannabis & Creativity, an official launch party in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, September 28. The event featured local artists and brand partners such as ROAM, FLWR, Kiva, Artet and more.

The company, since raising seed funding led by Merida Capital Partners, recently launched its CBD platform that ships premium CBD products nationwide. Consumers can visit trytokr.com to begin their personalized cannabis experience. Interested brands can visit trytokr.com/contact to inquire about potential partnerships.

About tökr:

tökr’s mission is to be the world’s most innovative and trusted cannabis recommendation and delivery platform. Through personalization, curation, and educational content, tökr allows the modern cannabis consumer to connect to brands that speak directly to them. For more information visit trytokr.com.


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tökr Launches Premium Cannabis Delivery Service in Los Angeles