WCI Health’s Let’s Talk Plant Medicine with Dr. O Finds New Podcast Home with Cannabis Radio

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WCI Health LLC, an alternative health and wellness company created to address the misconceptions and lies surrounding medicinal herbs like psilocybin (magic mushrooms), cannabis, and other entheogens announce its partnership with Cannabis Radio for the live coverage of ALL its events including Booth vending. Cannabis Radio will also produce its podcast “Let’s Talk Plant Medicine: Cannabis, Psychedelic & Pharmaceutics.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mental illness has become a big problem in the United States and growing globally. Over 300 million people suffer from depression before the COVID-19 pandemic. One-third of depression sufferers are resistant to current conventional therapy. 6-9% of the population suffers from PTSD. At least 35 million people suffer from substance abuse issues. Millions of legal cannabis patients and other plant medicine users are unable to quickly get medicine due to the inability of businesses to advertise on mainstream media and social platforms resulting from the constant blocking & banning of ads by these organizations, including Facebook, Instagram & Google. Cannabis-based businesses are frustrated by unreasonable censorship resulting in an inability to make a profit & keep business afloat. 

Over 1.2 billion people are suffering from various ailments treatable with plant medicine like Magic Mushroom (psilocybin) and Cannabis. A recent Phase 3 trial by MAPS shows that patients experienced remission from depression for up to a year after a dose of plant-based medicine (psilocybin). Data from many institutions of higher learning are giving hope to many patients. Without education, awareness, and reputable plant-based businesses to supply the quality medicines that people need, the general acceptance of these alternative treatments might as well be a “dream,” considering how long misinformation has been spreading about the use of psychedelics and cannabis as medicine.

WCI Health & WCI Health University’s objective is to use our podcasts and events as educational tools where people can learn more about the alternative health and wellness options available to them. WCI Health also encourages cannabis and other plant medicine-related businesses to advertise and sponsor our events freely without fear of being shut down or unreasonable censorship characteristic of mainstream media and social platforms. Our podcast series highlights the advantages of using Functional Mushrooms, Adaptogens, CBD, cannabinoid products, and other medicinal herbs for your health and well-being. 

WCI helps CBD manufacturers seeking to increase distribution or payment processors targeting Merchants or cannabis users (B2C). WCI educates policymakers who must keep current on essential information relevant to all the major stakeholders, dispensaries, coaches, healthcare professionals, or Colleges & Universities. The WCI Health podcast and events are your one-stop shop for Evidence-based education, Advertisement, and Sponsorship.

WCI Health’s highly skilled clinical pharmacist, Doctor Lola Ohonba, Pharm.D., presents lectures & consultations that are easy to understand. Like many of her clients, Dr. Lola knows what it means to live with pain and a debilitating ailment. She lives with a physical disability and has successfully learned how to manage this condition’s residual pain and discomfort effectively. She applies her knowledge of plant medicine rooted in her indigenous heritage growing up in West Africa (Nigeria) around the ancient cultures, practices & traditions passed down from generation to generation. Dr. Lola can give her clients the best of both worlds as a pharmacist and herbalist.


  • At WCI Health, we help you level up on your wellness journey using the healing power of plant medicine

  • GLOZE: Beauty from Within

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About WCI HEALTH (Alternative Health & Wellness Hub)

WCI Health is your alternative health and wellness company created to address the misconceptions and lies surrounding medicinal herbs like psilocybin (magic mushrooms), cannabis, and other entheogens. WCI health provides quality plant-based supplements and evidence-based live and virtual educational platforms for your need. Our events and other wellness tools help you learn how to get and stay well using the healing power of plant medicines, thereby saving you money on healthcare costs and living a stress-free life. WCI Health provides services generally tailored to clients’ needs, including health and wellness coaching, corporate staff training, brand awareness, product placement on podcasts, commercial advertisements, and more. Growth is the primary key to business success. At WCI health, our focus is to help our community and partners succeed. We leverage our access as a global thought leader on all plant medicine platforms to achieve your goal. Our partnership with Cannabis Radio, social media presence, and Cannabis-Psychedelic focused podcast help you gain visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately exponential growth.



Dr. Lola Ohonba, Pharm.D.




About CannabisRadio.com

CannabisRadio.com is the world’s largest online radio network for the legal cannabis industry. CannabisRadio.com showcases power players, trailblazers and trendsetters in the Cannabis and Psychedelics world while sharing best business practices, regulations, legislation, advocacy, culture and entertainment. We also offer informative educational content geared to medical marijuana patients, casual consumers, and advocates with on-demand entertaining podcasts to millions of cannabis and psychedelic enthusiasts worldwide.

CannabisRadio features original programming hosted by prominent industry figures including, Actor, Comedian and Activist Tommy Chong, Expert Cannabis Consultant “Dr. Dina” Browner, Former High Times Editor Bobby Black, the Chair of the Executive Board at NORML Dr. Mitch Earleywine and others. All CannabisRadio.com shows are available on-demand from iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and from the CannabisRadio.com website at cannabisradio.com.

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WCI Health’s Let’s Talk Plant Medicine with Dr. O Finds New Podcast Home with Cannabis Radio