Asha Apothecary’s Earth Day Campaign Educates on Regenerative Wellness for the Hemp Industry

This Earth Day, $4.22 of Every Asha Product Purchased Will Be Donated to Kiss The Ground and Used to Educate on Regenerative Practices

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 15, 2021/AxisWire/ – Asha Apothecary, a collective of scientists and designers creating plant-based products, is launching a campaign leading up to Earth Day, April 22, to educate consumers and advance their understanding of regenerative wellness in the larger context of our planet in crisis.

Asha’s leadership team will be leveraging their deep understanding of regenerative systems to educate audiences through a content series that will illustrate the overlap between regenerative agriculture and regenerative wellness, and Asha’s role in both. 

The Earth Day campaign, Rejuvenate & Regenerate from Soul to Soil, will focus on how consumers should be thinking about the evolution of sustainability, including how regenerative theory can translate into regenerative wellness. Through emotionally impactful digital content, including photography from farms using regenerative techniques, blog posts covering regenerative principles, videos from Asha leadership answering questions about regenerative practices, and strategic partnerships with brands like Boochcraft, Asha will lay out a framework to help guide their audience through living regeneratively. To see the list of regenerative principles inspired by indigenous cultures and adapted from Regenesis, visit Asha’s latest blog post, Regeneration, Evolving Sustainability.

The campaign will help one think in terms of systems that bring heightened awareness to the moment and to the immediate environment. Through this awareness, one can start to make sense of their relationship with the system they live within. 

Two of Asha’s co-founders, wife-and-husband team Karelaine Walworth and Dr Nathan Walworth, have backgrounds in regenerative landscape architecture and climate science, respectively. They are Adjunct Faculty at the Regenerative Studies Institute at Cal Poly Pomona, where they integrate Kiss the Ground curriculum into their courses to teach students about regenerative approaches across fields like design, engineering, agriculture, art, and business.

Asha has made significant strides with their Kiss The Ground partnership. They support the Farmland Program, which trains farmers in adapting their management decisions for positive ecological, financial, and social outcomes. Asha is deeply aligned with Kiss The Ground’s mission of inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil. To further enhance the relationship, Asha will be donating $4.22 of every product purchased on Earth Day to Kiss The Ground.

Dr Walworth, who also acts as Asha’s Chief Scientific Officer says, “We are excited to use this campaign to spread the regenerative movement and get people thinking about what lies beyond sustainability. This is core to Asha’s mission and our team’s overall philosophy. We believe that meaningful change must start with education.”

At the culmination of the Earth Day Campaign, Dr Walworth will be speaking at the CannaGather virtual event, “Building a Sustainable Cannabis Company” on Earth Day, April 22, to reinforce the campaign concepts of regenerative wellness and agriculture. 

About Asha Apothecary

Asha is a collective of scientists and designers creating products purposely built to instill a sense of calm in a chaotic world while contributing to the advancement of soil health and land regeneration. Asha uses regenerative theory and principles as their scientific guide to discover and enact their magic. This is what they call the Science of Magic. Through proven design frameworks, they use stepwise processes to apply their magic to regenerate systems. Regenerative theory provides a framework to evolve sustainability. Asha believes that this is a pivotal moment in history. The power of plants to both heal the planet and heal our bodies is gaining traction around the world. Each purchase of Asha’s specially formulated offerings will help fuel the building of healthy soil, empower farmers, and build a healthier, more abundant future. And whether you’re looking for a phytocannabinoid-rich tincture for versatile use, convenient soft gels, or a salve to help soothe away achy muscles, Asha Apothecary has an extensive product line to ground your day. Learn more about Asha Apothecary at and follow along for updates & new products on Instagram at @asha.apothecary.



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Asha Apothecary’s Earth Day Campaign Educates on Regenerative Wellness for the Hemp Industry