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Cannabis Benchmarks® and Guardian Data Systems Partner To Provide Cannabis Businesses Real-Time Pricing and Transaction Data for Better Inventory Management

STAMFORD, Conn., March 23, 2017 /AxisWire/ — Cannabis Benchmarks®, a division of New Leaf Data Services, LLC, and Guardian Data Systems, a leading ERP and POS solution provider, have announced a partnership to bring real-time transaction and cost data to cannabis businesses. This partnership will enable Cannabis Benchmarks to expand its data collection system, while providing Guardian Data Systems’ software clients with access to real-time aggregated data on wholesale prices and cultivation costs.

By capturing data directly from Guardian Data Systems software, Cannabis Benchmarks will deepen its data set, collecting more granular, real-time price and cost data. This critical data will allow cultivators and retailers to manage inventories, and buy/sell transactions with greater transparency into local prices and trends. The partnership will also enable cultivators and investors to make more informed business decisions on cost-saving strategies to enhance return on investment.

Guardian Data Systems’ clients, through a new service called Guardian Tracker, will have access to aggregated data, in addition to their own data, which will allow them to graphically illustrate how their operations compare to other operators, and help them identify best practices for their business.

“Cannabis Benchmarks and Guardian Data Systems are committed to providing the cannabis industry with best-of-breed technology and data solutions to help them optimize their operations,” said Jonathan Rubin, CEO of New Leaf Data Service. “This partnership will increase efficiency in cannabis wholesale markets and help solve some of the difficulties in calculating and analyzing cultivation costs across different types of cultivation facilities, equipment configurations and geographies.”

“Guardian is focused on helping our clients manage their operations more easily and efficiently, and our partnership with Cannabis Benchmarks will provide our clients with the additional benefit of actionable business intelligence to help them fine tune their operations,” said Guardian Data Systems Founder and CEO, Lance Ott. “We believe that this combination of technology and data gives our clients the most advanced technology tools in the industry.”

About Cannabis Benchmarks:
Cannabis Benchmarks® is a division of New Leaf Data Services, LLC. Our mission is to bring transparency and efficiency to cultivators, dispensaries, investors, traders, and other cannabis market participants through validated production cost data and standardized wholesale price benchmarks. For more information, please visit:

About Guardian Data Systems:
Guardian Data Systems delivers ROAR, the most comprehensive cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions. Guardian Data Systems ERP and POS solutions are vertically integrated across all business operations, which provide the power to automate and streamline operations, stay compliant with all the various regulatory requirements of each state, and manage and control costs. For more information, please visit:

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Cannabis Benchmarks® and Guardian Data Systems Partner To Provide Cannabis Businesses Real-Time Pricing and Transaction Data for Better Inventory Management