CannaRegs Email Alerts Feature Is Now Available

Web-based subscription service for searching laws and regulations in the cannabis industry CannaRegs, announces newest feature

Denver, CO, August 28, 2018/AxisWire/CannaRegs has officially announced its newest technological feature, custom email alerts. CannaRegs subscribers will now be conveniently alerted via email of new developments, meetings, or announcements in their jurisdictions of choice.  

CannaRegs CEO Amanda Ostrowitz will be conducting a series of webinars between August 29 – September 5 with the goal of guiding users through set up and demonstrating how to best optimize the email alerts tool in conjunction with the platform’s other tools. CannaRegs is opening these webinars to the public at no cost as an opportunity to learn how CannaRegs can help businesses stay up to date with cannabis laws and regulations. To register for one of these insightful webinars, please email

“After listening to our users express what features would improve their experience, we are finally able to provide this service to our subscribers. This development is a real game changer for our platform as now the proprietary CannaRegs information will come directly to your inbox,” explained Amanda Ostrowitz- Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “This is a major value add for our current and future subscribers, especially since we operate in an industry where the regulatory environment and laws seem to change overnight.”

About CannaRegs:

CannaRegs, Inc. is a web-based subscription service that provides up-to-date enhanced access to all cannabis-related rules and regulations from municipal, county, state and federal sources. The platform was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The CannaRegs software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables licensed cannabis business operators, law firms, investors, consultants, and Governments to track cannabis regulations, both implemented and proposed, in real-time, ensuring they stay compliant with state and local law. CannaRegs currently provides comprehensive cannabis laws for the states of California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Michigan to be followed by all other states that permit medical and/or recreational marijuana. For more information visit

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CannaRegs Email Alerts Feature Is Now Available