Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High

Healing with CBD


Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High

Hot Fall Title Explains How CBD Heals without the High

Pub Date: September 2018


Berkeley, CA – August 14, 2018/AxisWire/ Cannabidiol (CBD) is the medicinal du-jour. Whether from hemp or cannabis, it’s an active compound that is making its way into everything from sparkling drinks to face creams. Articles covering what CBD is and what it can do have been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, The New Yorker and Men’s Health, to name but a few.

So what is CBD? Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High (Ulysses Press), not only answers this question in an accessible and thorough way, but offers consumers a no-nonsense guide on sourcing and using CBD products. Authors Eileen Konieczny, RN, and Lauren Wilson shed light on what CBD can (and cannot) do, how it works in the body, and offer an overview of the current research and scientific evidence to help consumers make informed choices and the most of their experience with cannabidiol.

Authors Konieczny and Wilson are both passionate advocates for therapeutic cannabis. For many years Konieczny worked at the bedside of cancer patients.  She is Past President of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and board member of the Association of Cannabis Specialists, and brings her years of medical experience to this book, making it a thoroughly researched and practical guide to CBD.

Want to dive deeper into how cannabis and hemp, and more specifically CBD, works to rebalance our systems on a holistic level? Here are a few quick facts from Healing with CBD:

·       CBD can be extracted from both cannabis and hemp plants

·       CBD cannot get you high. It is non-euphoric  as compared to THC.

·       CBD has helped many patients suffering from intractable seizure disorders control and even cease seizures by boosting the body’s natural levels of anandamide.

·       CBD also helps the body boost its own natural serotonin levels, which can provide relief from general anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

·       CBD has neuroprotective properties which can improve the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and even slow down the progression of these and other neurodegenerative diseases.

·       CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with many forms of chronic pain and acute injuries.

·       CBD can be used as an adjunct therapy for opioids, increasing the efficacy of these drugs and even aiding in withdrawal in cases of addiction.


Chapters include a history of cannabis, a brief overview of the body’s natural systems, peer-reviewed studies on what CBD is and what it does, why it doesn’t make you high, and its efficacy in treating 26 major health conditions. Healing with CBD explains common misconceptions like the difference between cannabis (marijuana) and hemp, how to use just the right amount of CBD for optimal results, and how to find reputable products.

With so many companies eagerly looking to sell CBD products in newly legalized markets, it’s helpful to get honest advice from experts. Authors Konieczny and Wilson want to help readers take control of their health and feel empowered to use the therapeutic power of cannabis to help with a multitude of conditions and symptoms. Don’t miss this groundbreaking guide to CBD, coming this fall.


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About the Authors

Medical cannabis expert and US Navy Veteran Eileen Konieczny, RN, found her passion educating patients on safe and effective uses of cannabis-derived medicine from years spent in the healthcare industry. As an oncology nurse for decades and an expert in the administration of medical cannabis, Eileen has seen firsthand its transformative effects for patients, its effects on the lives of families and caregivers, and the sometimes-fraught world of education on the endocannabinoid system. Eileen founded Olive’s Branch, an educational consulting firm, in 2013, to fill this need.        

Eileen has fought for medical cannabis legalization nationally and was a recognized leader in the passing of New York’s medical cannabis bill. Eileen has served on the board of directors for the Children’s Health and Research Foundation and currently serves on the board of directors for the Association of Cannabis Specialists.  She is Past President of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, a clinical associate in the Society for Cannabis Clinicians and has been involved in licensed medical cannabis operations in New York and Connecticut.

Lauren Wilson is a professional writer, cannabis enthusiast, and food lover. She initially came to the cannabis world in young adulthood and has since developed a far deeper and more meaningful relationship to the plant as a patient seeking a natural option for chronic pain relief. As co-author of Healing with CBD, Wilson hopes to help and support those who may not have considered therapeutic cannabis by offering the knowledge to inspire confidence in its benefits. A graduate of Toronto’s George Brown Chef School in 2008, Wilson is the author of The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide and The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.


About Ulysses Press

Ulysses Press is a small, independent publisher based in Berkeley, CA. Focusing on niche nonfiction for adults, Ulysses seeks to offer books to audiences often overlooked by larger publishers. 


Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High

Eileen Konieczny, RN, and Lauren Wilson

Paperback: 224 pages | Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Publisher: Ulysses Press

Pub Date: September 2018

ISBN-10: 1612438296 | ISBN-13: 978-1612438290 | SRP: $14.95


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Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High