Hollowaty Group, LLC Raises the Bar on Marijuana Market Research

Hollowaty Group

Ten-Year Estimates of the Demand For Cannabis in Every U.S. State, in Terms of Dollars, Mass, and Number of Users, Now Publicly Available

Chicago – August 5, 2015/AxisWire/ Hollowaty Group, LLC today announced the debut of its cannabis market demand models in electronic format for every U.S. state, bringing an elevated level of analytical rigor, flexibility and transparency to this rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar industry.

Founded by Eric Hollowaty, a Harvard Business School and Yale University alumnus with a 20-year track record of success in technology consulting (Booz Allen & Hamilton), corporate strategy and operations (Kaplan, Inc.) and investment research (Stephens, Inc.), the Company provides legalized cannabis industry businesses, investors, and the government entities that regulate them with products and services that enable them to perform at a higher level.

“Investors, entrepreneurs and others with limited resources are paying $25,000 to $100,000 to get defensible market size estimates, and they don’t have to,” said Hollowaty. “I saw an opportunity to leverage my unique combination of industry and functional expertise to help them better understand the size and drivers of marijuana demand in each U.S. state. With 2016 decriminalization campaigns active in at least 13 states and increasing momentum in Congress to reform banking and medical cannabis, the public needs this offering now.”

Hollowaty Group’s state-level medical and recreational cannabis market demand models address the three biggest shortcomings with other cannabis market sizing studies.

• Analytical Rigor. Hundreds of hours were spent researching, quantifying and incorporating the models’ most important variables, including frequency of use and differences in cannabis usage by age.

• Flexibility. Models’ electronic spreadsheet format enables modelers to update their analysis in real-time as the market changes, and even input their own assumptions for key variables if desired.

• Transparency. Models’ intuitive structure shows how various inputs interact to produce total demand estimates, rather than merely providing a summary number.

“Our Microsoft Excel-based market size models use our copyrighted analytical framework to produce what we believe are the most defensible ‘turn-key’ estimates of the demand for medical and recreational marijuana publicly available,” added Hollowaty. Combining its own state models’ outputs, Hollowaty Group conservatively finds that in the U.S. in 2015 more than 23 million legal-age cannabis users will consume over $22 billion of marijuana acquired through legal and illegal channels.

The models are available for download on the Company’s website at www.HollowatyGroupLLC.com.

About Hollowaty Group, LLC:

Chicago-based Hollowaty Group is an independent research and consulting firm dedicated to providing businesses, investors, public sector officials, special interest groups and others operating in the fastgrowing legalized cannabis industry with products and services that enable them to perform at a higher level. Leveraging founder Eric Hollowaty’s 20-year track record of success as a technology consultant to government clients; a strategy and operations executive in the highly regulated for-profit education/training industry; an award-winning investment research analyst; and startup adviser, Hollowaty Group’s differentiated approach adds value through its exceptional analytical rigor, independence of thought, and insights gleaned from breaking down complex problems in elegantly simple ways. For more information, please visit www.HollowatyGroupLLC.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @HollowatyGroup.

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Hollowaty Group, LLC Raises the Bar on Marijuana Market Research