LAS VEGAS, NV, September 15, 2020/AxisWire/ – Latina-owned Indiva Advisors LLP will join an elite roster of accounting firms and representatives on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion (NCDI).

The NCDI was formed in 2012 to be diversity and inclusion advocates in the accounting profession. The team at Indiva Advisors has broken its own barriers when it comes to diversity and inclusion and looks forward to using its extensive experience to champion minority advancement in the field. Indiva Advisors holds the “small CPA firm” seat on the 2020 roster.

“We are proud and honored of this appointment and to serve in this seat,” said Managing Partner Jessica Velazquez, CPA. “Representation matters. I look forward to advocating for women and minorities on the NCDI as I have done throughout my career. I am thrilled to work with the AICPA and its members to make sure the profession I love is an inclusive one.”

Indiva Advisors LLP is the leading accounting firm dedicated to the cannabis industry. Our mission is to transform our expertise and understanding of the evolving cannabis industry into innovative, value-added solutions for our clients, our business partners, and our community. Our vision is to elevate the standards of ethics and integrity within the cannabis industry, as it evolves into federal and legal legitimacy.

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Indiva Advisors LLP named to AICPA National Committee for Diversity and Inclusion