Mindleap Health Implements HIPAA Compliance Standards and Appoints of ex. Canadian Ministry of Health Telemedicine Expert as Chief Compliance Officer

Toronto, Canada – September 15, 2020 /AxisWire/ Mydecine Innovations Group Inc. (MYCO.CN) (MYCOF) (0NF.F) (“Mydecine” or the “Company”),  is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary Mindleap Health  has implemented a comprehensive information security rollout of next-generation cyber-security solutions to meet  HIPAA compliance standards. The company also welcomes its new Chief Compliance Officer Dyson Walker who will support the company in meeting and exceeding all relevant laws and regulations.

HIPAA Compliance Certification

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, is a US legislation that provides security provisions to safeguard medical information. The Mindleap software development and security team have undergone a comprehensive multi-step verification process to ensure full HIPAA Compliance and adherence with the following regulations:

Mindleap Chief Technology Officer, Simon Abou-Antoun commented: “Mindleap recognizes the immense responsibility that comes with collecting, storing, and managing personal data about users’ mental health. Given the highly sensitive nature of this data, we owe it to ourselves, our users, and our partners to establish secure processes and systems that protect users. Our system offers secure communication, is compliant with HIPAA and we are pleased to have implemented next generation cybersecurity platforms to ensure maximum protection of our users’ data.”

Next-Gen Cyber Security Implementation

Mindleap has put together a comprehensive and fully operational security strategy and rollout to ensure administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are in place in order to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its sensitive data, including, without limitation, protected health information.

The next-generation security solutions include virus and exploit protection, encryption, network security, email security as well as a system for secure communication that protects the integrity of ePHI. ( Electronic Personal Health Information ) and a system of monitoring communications containing ePHI to prevent accidental or malicious breaches. Mindleap’s policies for securing data are following established and modern healthcare protocols all while being able to provide a secure and seamless service to clients.

Chief Compliance Officer, Dyson Walker Profile

Mr. Walker is a proven IT professional with a wide range of experience managing large, complex projects in Europe, Asia and North America including over 15 years in the British Columbia (BC) and Canadian Health System. Dyson spent a decade working for the British Columbia Ministry of Health (MoH) as a Program Manager and implemented several Provincial and Federal initiatives in the emerging Telehealth/Telemedicine field. At the Ministry, his role was wide ranging encompassing strategic planning and engagement, Vendor Relations, Client Relations and Project Management at all organization levels from ground floor to C-Suite.

Major achievements

  • Successfully represented the Province of British Columbia on two Federal Pan Canadian Telehealth initiatives. Each initiative involved the participation of 12 of the 13 Canadian jurisdictions and resulted in signed national agreements.
  • Worked for the Canadian Ministry of health as part of the team that established a Provincial Health Telehealth Office (PTO) whose mandate was to support the delivery and expansion of Telehealth Services in BC.
  • Worked extensively with BC First Nations to improve health care via Telehealth to their rural, underserved communities. Dyson was engaged with First Nations executive leadership at the Federal, Provincial and community level, visiting several First Nations communities and operating in culturally sensitive environments.
  • Served as Program Manager for the $52M Home Health Monitoring & Enabling Services (HHMES) Initiative, A Public, Private Partnership (PPP) which encompassed six provincial technology projects that would support the expansion of Telehealth in BC. As Program Manager, he was responsible for four of the six projects with an estimated value of $20M.

Mindleap founder and CEO commented: “We have taken every step and precaution in guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality on our platform. We are thrilled to have a Dyson Walker lead our efforts in ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and in ensuring personal information is always kept safe and secure.”

About Mydecine Innovations Group

Mydecine Innovations Group is a life sciences company dedicated to the development and commercialization of adaptive pathway medicines, natural health products and digital health solutions. Mydecine’s experienced cross functional teams have the capabilities to oversee all areas of drug development including synthesis, drug delivery system development, clinical trial execution, through to product commercialization and marketing. By leveraging strategic partnerships with scientific, medical, military, and clinical organizations Mydecine is at the forefront of the efficient development of psychedelic derived medicines and therapeutic solutions. Our trailblazing portfolio of companies is focused on providing innovative and effective treatment options that can help millions of people live healthier lives.

About Mindleap Health

Mindleap is developing an advanced digital health platform that will provide support for people that are looking to achieve personal transformations and overcome mental health challenges. Mindleap is the only digital health platform that combines telehealth with mood, emotion, and habit tracking. This is a paradigm shift to conventional mental health as Mindleap personalized support and users have the tools needed to track their progress and take control of their mental health.  

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Mindleap Health Implements HIPAA Compliance Standards and Appoints of ex. Canadian Ministry of Health Telemedicine Expert as Chief Compliance Officer