Introducing Cannabiscope: A New Way To Shop For Cannabis And CBD

LAS VEGAS, NV., Nov. 21, 2019 /AxisWire/ The next generation of cannabis retail technology has arrived to solve one of the biggest pain points facing mainstream cannabis consumers: Deciding which strain, product or brand to purchase. Introducing Cannabiscope, a new Software as a Service (Saas) platform combining science, data and technology to reinvent how retailers merchandise cannabis, and how both medical and recreational consumers make smart, well-informed purchase decisions.  


The Cannabiscope shopping tool, customized to meet each organizations needs, is an interactive wheel that invites consumers to learn and shop at the same time. Whether browsing online or at a retail location, through a series of clicks shoppers select desired effects, preferred delivery methods, flavor, scents, dosage and more as the Cannabiscope wheel guides the consumer to the right product for them. The education model of the wheel is designed to turn cannabis confusion into curiosity, aiding newly informed customers to explore and make confident decisions on purchase choices that will more accurately reflect their desired cannabis effect. 


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“Whether they’re hoping to treat pain, anxiety or sleep issues, it is difficult for consumers to compare different cannabis strains or products and make an informed, confident purchase decision,” said Cannabiscope co-founder and CEO David Schacter. “We want to change how people think about and understand cannabis, and provide a science-led, data-backed platform for education and discovery.”


For businesses, Cannabiscope offers a customizable version of the wheel to reflect, track and market current inventory in real-time. In-store kiosks or online models present customers with informative, accurate menu offerings while providing robust back-end consumer insights to retailers. The platform allows brands to display detailed product descriptions, dosage information, product photos and certified lab results, allowing both medical patients and recreational customers to purchase with confidence.


“We believe the combination of the wheel’s ability to integrate buyer intent, consumer data, and information gathered from multiple points of sale will give our partners an edge in this incredibly competitive space through unique data insights,” stated Cannabiscope co-founder Paul Shockley. “Whether you are a retailer, cultivator or educator, Cannabiscope creates a new front door for your business.”


The robust content management system and integrated approach to point of sales tracking is designed around education, to solve for the lack of industry consumer data, and to empower the growth and success of the now and future cannabis industry. Cannabiscope’s technology is currently in use by over 250 cannabis companies and ancillary businesses, including:



In addition to the current cannabis-centric version of the wheel, the company has completed a recent round of funding to launch a CBD-specific, e-commerce enabled version, expected in the second quarter of 2020.


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About Cannabiscope | Green Valley Affiliates Inc. 

Cannabiscope was founded in 2015 with the goal of making it easier for THC/CBD retailers to display their products in a way that both optimizes business operations and supports consumer education and satisfaction. Through the gamification application of their interactive Cannabiscope wheel consumers can explore new cannabis knowledge and learn the effects of each product before purchasing. Cannabiscope is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) menu platform that integrates with THC/CBD retailers’ point-of-sale (POS) systems to present their inventory in real-time onsite and online, giving dispensaries and other customers a competitive edge in this increasingly saturated market. To try out the interactive wheel, visit


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Introducing Cannabiscope: A New Way To Shop For Cannabis And CBD