Precision Extraction Launches Revolutionary Cannabis Harvesting and Refinement Technology

Precision Extraction Solutions Partners with CryoCann USA to develop Industry-Disruptive Product

DETROIT, MI – June 2, 2020 /AxisWire/- Precision® Extraction Solutions (“Precision”), the world leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, announced today its exclusive partnership for the marketing, distribution and sale of CryoCann USA’s (“CryoCann”) patent pending technology integrated into the CRS 2000 – CryoMass™ Refinement System.

The CRS 2000 is a solvent-free harvesting and refinement system that utilizes patent pending technology to harvest, dry and purify biomass from the cannabis and hemp plants. At a rate of up to 600,000 grams per hour, the CRS 2000 instantly freezes the whole plant and fully separates the trichomes and essential chemical compounds from the biomass, including THC, CBD and terpenes.

The process, which provides instantaneous sublimation of water during the process, renders a 90% dried output material with a dramatic reduction in biomass volume of up to 80%. The resulting concentrate can be warehoused, utilizing greatly reduced storage space, at room temperature for extended periods of time, greatly reducing storage space, or further processed into cannabis and hemp distillate or isolate for use in consumer products.

According to Marc Beginin, CEO of Precision, “Currently there are millions of pounds of harvested hemp biomass on the verge of spoilage. The CRS 2000 constitutes a total farming solution to circumvent hemp and cannabis drying, storage, waste and decomposition. Also, because of its dual functionality as a highly effective extraction device, the technology has broad applications.”

Indeed, the CRS 2000 drastically increases solvent based extraction volume by up to 400% due to the targeted separation of cellulose and plant matter from the essential terpenes and cannabinoids. The process leaves a high purity, refined “cryogenic sift” product.

CryoCann’s co-founder, Chris Barone, has a lengthy history of industry leadership, including decades of innovation in the cannabis sector. He has worked with some of the nation’s largest cannabis and hemp projects and most highly sought after brands in the industry. Notably, Barone is the inventor of The Clear™ Concentrate, one of the nation’s first and largest cannabis brands founded in 2013.

“We’re thrilled to work with Precision to bring the CRS 2000 to the marketplace,” said Barone. “With Precision’s unsurpassed manufacturing know-how and technical support, we’ve built the most professional team in the industry to deliver this ground-breaking technology to farmers and processors alike.”

According to Nick Tennant, CTO of Precision, “When you look at the ROI numbers, the CRS 2000 has a massive value proposition. The CRS platform will completely revolutionize the way the industry prepares and refines biomass for storage and extraction.”

The release of the CRS 2000 follows Precision’s T-SEP and L-SEP technologies earlier this quarter and are direct reflections of the company’s core focus on innovative end-to-end solutions for the cannabis and hemp processing industry.


About Precision® Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is the industry leader in cannabis and hemp extraction equipment, technology, lab design and site planning, compliance, training and consulting. Precision offers cutting-edge solutions for cannabis and hemp processors at every stage of growth.

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Precision Extraction Launches Revolutionary Cannabis Harvesting and Refinement Technology