The Cannabis Consumers Coalition Signs On Powerhouse, Fox Rothschild, to Give Consumers a Powerful Voice in the New Cannabis Industry

Denver, CO – July 26, 2016/ AxisWire/ The Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC), a member based cannabis consumer advocacy and watchdog organization based out of Denver, CO, has officially signed on to be represented by the prestigious Fox Rothschild LLP, an Am Law 100 firm with nearly 750 attorneys practicing in 22 offices nationwide.  Founded in 1907, the firm is recognized for helping community and member based organizations, as well as multi-billion dollar businesses spanning throughout several industries.  Teddy Eynon, a Partner in the firms Washington, D.C. location, will serve as CCC’s General Counsel, giving the organization an opportunity to expand its presence on the east coast and to also work with federal and local lawmakers on cannabis related policy.

The CCC, with the support of Fox Rothschild, will continue to work toward creating a consumer-focused cannabis industry that has a foundation based on ethical business practices and fairly regulated frameworks across the country.

“I could not be more happy or proud about this collaboration. To have one of the oldest, largest and most respected legal establishments in the United States to represent cannabis consumers speaks volumes about where the industry is headed and their choice of who to stand by for consumer protection in the space.  Consumers need to their purchasing power, and they should be empowered with their dollar to receive the same level of quality, service and policy as any other regulated commodity on the market,” explained CCC Founder, Larisa Bolivar.

Larisa Bolivar, has been on the front lines of the cannabis industry for 15 years, advancing the movement through advocacy and business operations. To act as a leader for consumer protection, she represents the best qualities for the position.  Bolivar began her career by helping to establish safe access to cannabis in the early years of implementing Amendment 20, Colorado’s medical cannabis law, including establishing the state’s first dispensary years before regulations and federal guidelines enabled the industry to safely flourish.  Founding the CCC was the next evolution in securing consumers’ rights for all cannabis users.  As an industry trailblazer, she feels responsible for ensuring that it acts as an exemplary industry which operates with the compassion and integrity that places the consumers first.

“Working with Fox Rothschild LLP is going to elevate a stronger voice for cannabis consumers; this is also good news for the industry as a whole because it shows that we are maturing and gaining the interest of the biggest players on the legal front.”

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition is a vibrant organization that is rooted in direct activism.  Its mission is to create an industry that is accountable to consumers, while also helping to contribute to the overall growth of the industry in terms of ancillary market products related to greener and cleaner cultivation environments.

“Our decision to move forward with the Cannabis Consumer Coalition was well calculated. Larisa brings a level of professionalism, consumer insight and industry knowledge that made her organization highly attractive,” said D.C. based attorney Teddy Eynon. “Our firm is looking forward to the future of the cannabis industry and working with the best talent within it. We are confident we found that in the CCC.”

CCC is recognized most for obtaining and releasing the names of pesticides violators in Colorado.  This helped secure passage of the medical marijuana testing bill in Colorado and shift the industry toward creating best practices around sustainable and cleaner methods of cultivation.  It also spurred consumer demand for more craft-cannabis, which is grown in smaller batches and enables better quality control.  In turn, this advanced the industry at-large toward spending more on environmental controls.

About CCC:

The Cannabis Consumer Coalition is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Washington D.C. The organization relies on financial support from individual consumers, enabling it to be an unbiased and independent voice on issues related to cannabis production, products and policy.  Membership is tiered to provide an affordable level of participation for all consumers.  For more information on the CCC or to inquire about membership registration, please visit contact (phone number or email). To keep up with industry news tailored for the consumer, please follow us on Facebook,, and Twitter @MJConsumer.

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The Cannabis Consumers Coalition Signs On Powerhouse, Fox Rothschild, to Give Consumers a Powerful Voice in the New Cannabis Industry