The Marijuana Show is a Hit on Amazon Prime


Los Angeles, August 1st, 2018 /AxisWire/ Are people who consume cannabis lazy losers? If you watch most television shows, they typically cast stereotypical stoners like the old Dazed and Confused movie myths. Shows like “Disjointed” on Netflix were rejected by viewers and cancelled after the first season. The Marijuana Show is premiering its third season, August 2nd, on Amazon Prime.

The popular show is like “Shark Tank and The Profit meet Survivor” as nine savvy and engaging entrepreneurs pioneering a multi-billion dollar marijuana industry compete for mentorship and investment. Cast members are put through emotional, physical and professional challenges and one contestant becomes the next marijuana millionaire.

The show is the brainchild of the dynamic duo, Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull, leaders in this movement: “In 2014 we had the idea to look for the next marijuana millionaire… That became our tagline. We bootstrapped the production and two weeks later we had 200 people audition in Denver. The show became a huge hit and a year later we got a million dollar investment to finance future production” said Karen Paull.

Massive mainstream press helped the show be seen by 3 million people and season 2 seen was seen by 7 million and now season 3 is expected to be seen by 10 million people. There is a huge audience for smart cannabis shows especially since over 60% of Americans think cannabis should be legalized. It is medically legal in 30 states. The Hollywood Reporter recently quoted Miner & Co. Studio’s survey results of several hundred cannabis users. 86% are employed full-time and 77% make more than $75,000 a year.

“Our timing to distribute the show now is to help educate and advocate before the midterm elections. We produce our show to stop the stigma, to end prohibition and the futile war on drugs.” said Wendy Robbins, director/producer.

The Marijuana Show was created to end the misguided stigma and the reefer madness myths while educating prohibitionists on the plant’s medical benefits. The show has offered $20 million and now the producers are launching High Finance, a cannabis and hemp equity fund, because of the powerful demand by investors to be part of this growing market.

Who are the contestants on Season #3? The producers held auditions all over the country searching for the Next Marijuana Millionaire. The cast have fascinating and emotional back stories, coupled with unique products or services.

  • Restored Balance’s CEO, Heather Lawrence, a mom of eight children lives in Utah, she created a natural cbd skincare line that has been called immortality in a bottle.
  • Mark Restelli, CEO of Hwy was a professional football player with a career ending injury. He pitches for an investment for the “cliff bar of cannabis.”
  • Jessica Ferranti representing Sesh Technologies has a machine that can roll 450 joints in 2 minutes.
  • Matt Wilson and Nicole Wicker pitch the Oblend, a home dispensary unit that blends the perfect wellness recipe.
  • Lia Conzemius Luz competes to raise money for her hemp farm and products with Lumina Botanicals.
  • Humanity’s, Erai Beckmann’s father died of liver cancer, motivated by love, he and his team created products to help patients.
  • Chris Dell’Olio was building sites with his best friend since he was 14. He is now 23 and is Webjoint’s CEO.
  • Todd Kleperis of Hardcar is a vet who hires only vets to protect cannabis and money.

Mentors include: Bob Hoban and Brent Johnson of The Hoban Law Group, the premier cannabis law group and Bob Eschino, founder of Incredibles. Sponsors include: Incredibles, Hoban Law Group, Reliable Bud, Cannakorp and Vapor Connoisseur.

The show was filmed in Taos, New Mexico with help from the New Mexico Film Commission.

The Marijuana Show (#mjrealityshow) was created and produced by Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull. Release Details:  Episodes 1 – 5 August 1st and episodes 6 – 9 launching in the Fall.  For more information:  Follow on Facebook and Twitter.   A short trailer can be seen here:  Preview of Season 3.  Pictures – Contact:

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The Marijuana Show is a Hit on Amazon Prime