CannaFundr Crowdfunding Platform Delivers Capital to New Frontier Financials


Chicago – Feb. 3, 2015/AxisWire/ New Frontier Financials, which provides authoritative actionable intelligence and analytics for the cannabis industry, closed out its $250,000 seed round on, an online investment platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors within the cannabis industry.

New Frontier Financials is poised to shape the way the cannabis industry determines relevant and reliable market or financial data. Through their patented analytical methodology, exclusive data collection partnerships, and disruptive distribution model, the group will be the first to provide cutting-edge, trustworthy analysis to the knowledge of the cannabis market.

“Finding the data to help inform investment or legislative decision making in the cannabis industry, is essentially impossible due to the lack of information available,” said Randy Shipley, CEO and co-founder of CannaFundr. “When New Frontier Financials came to CannaFundr, I knew this was important to the industry in order to propel investment and knew that the team would receive a great response by the investors. I look forward to watching their company grow and benefiting from the service they provide.”

“Within days of connecting with CannaFundr, we had scheduled calls with three strategically valuable investors, and within less than a month, had funds in the bank” said Giadha A. DeCarcer, President & CEO, Frontier Financials Group Inc. “CannaFundr and crowdfunding will be integral in the growth of this industry, and redefine the economics of how investment in cannabis moves forward.”

CannaFundr is designed to allow accredited investors the opportunity to participate with better deal terms within the cannabis industry. It is owned and operated by CrowdFund Connect, an industry leader in the development and management of equity based and SEC/FINRA compliant crowdfunding websites.

About New Frontier Financials:
New Frontier Financials is the first company to support the nascent and underserved cannabis industry as a Big (and smart) Data provider. Unlike most of those joining the new green rush, New Frontier looks beyond the plant cultivation and distribution, to raise the industry bar and provide sophisticated services and value-add in what will inevitably be a mature and more complex industry. New Frontier Financials is headquartered in Washington, DC. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Rick Gilchrist at (202) 805-2613 or

About CannaFundr:
CannaFunder is an online crowdfunding platform for accredited investors to seed the fastest growing commodity industry, cannabis. CannaFundr is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Florida, Michigan and New Jersey. For more information on how to register for investment as well as media inquiries, please visit or contact Cynthia Salarizadeh at (856) 425-6160 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter@Cannafundr.

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CannaFundr Crowdfunding Platform Delivers Capital to New Frontier Financials