Celebrity Chef Emerges in Budding Cannabis Industry: United Talent Agency Signs Chris “The Herbal Chef” Sayegh



Los Angeles – September 21, 2016–Chris Sayegh, also known as “The Herbal Chef”, is now being represented by international talent agency UTA.

A walking brand full of charisma and charm, Sayegh has his sights set on becoming the world’s first cannabis infused Michelin starred chef, simultaneously and effortlessly educating his audience while entertaining them at the same time.  Currently, Chris is producing gourmet edibles, frozen CBD and THC-infused dinners, as well as catered and private dinners.

Sayegh is also the star of the Pot Pie (https://www.prohbtd.com/watch/potpie), a PRØHBTD original series, and has been featured in over 100 articles since launching The Herbal Chef in July of 2015, including CNN, The Guardian, Fast Company, and Fox News.

Chris’ dinners are a personalized and all-encompassing experience.  Each guest receives a tolerance questionnaire, which assists Chris in creating the perfect dining experience.  The food menu is then customized based on the location and season.  Chris scouts local farming connections, and hand picks everything from local farms directly to ensure optimal freshness.

With offices in eight cities in four countries, UTA is one of the world’s largest talent agencies, representing a large swath of celebrities in current and emerging areas of entertainment and media.

On the legal side, Sayegh is represented by Jeffrey Welsh, the Managing Partner of Frontera Entertainment, a California-based business group focused on helping cannabis businesses and individuals navigate the crossroads of cannabis focused entertainment projects.  Welsh has been working with the Sayegh since the inception of The Herbal Chef in January of 2015.

About the Frontera Group:

As one of the first entities in the state of California to truly focus on business issues in the cannabis industry, the Frontera Group has positioned itself as the state’s most experienced firm providing legal, accounting, advisory and entertainment management services.  For more information, please visit www.fronteralawgroup.com, www.fronteraenteratinment.com, or follow Frontera on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Frontera_Group.

About The Herbal Chef:

For more information, please visit www.theherbalchef.com, or follow The Herbal Chef on Instagram @the_herbal_chef.


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Zoe Wilder

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Celebrity Chef Emerges in Budding Cannabis Industry: United Talent Agency Signs Chris “The Herbal Chef” Sayegh